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Interactive Dog Chewing Toy Tooth Cleaning Rubber Ball

(9 customer reviews)

Interactive Dog Chewing Toy Tooth Cleaning Rubber Ball

(9 customer reviews)

$70.00 $34.99

Encourage your dog to chew the ball, not your shoes and furniture

The PrimDog Dog Chewing Ball is an ideal choice for pet owners who want to provide their furry friend with an entertaining and challenging playtime experience. The unique design and texture provide a fun and interactive experience for dogs, making it an enjoyable addition to their playtime.

Safe to use
Our dog toy is made from non-toxic food-grade rubber, making it safe for dogs to chew on and play with.
Made of high-quality material, our rubber ball is built to withstand the strong jaws of even the most aggressive chewers, making it an ideal choice for pet owners who want a product that will last.
Easy care
The rubber material is easy to clean, allowing you to keep this toy hygienic and ready for use at all times.
Ergonomic design

The unique spiked design of our dog ball allows you to stick your pet's favorite treats in it. This helps to make the ball more enticing and encourages dogs to play and chew, providing an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Dental health

Rubber spikes of our toy also help massage and stimulate the gums, promoting healthy tooth and gum development for pups. It also prevents plaque and tartar buildup, which cause bad breath, cavities, gum disease, and other dental health problems in adult dogs.

Disruptive behavior management

The act of trying to extract the treats from the ball also provides mental stimulation for your dog, distracting them from chewing on things and other undesirable actions. Our rubber ball helps alleviate boredom, stress, and anxiety in dogs, which can be a common cause of destructive behaviors.

More reasons to love our treat ball for dogs
Premium Quality
Dental Disease Prevention

Additional information

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9 reviews for Interactive Dog Chewing Toy Tooth Cleaning Rubber Ball

  1. C****e

    We have a dog who has chewed through so many toys. This ball has been his favorite toy for the last 2 months and he hasn’t even left a tooth mark! Durable and high quality!

  2. M****y

    I like this toy for my pup. Holds a fair amount of treats and can be put in dishwasher. Seems to be well made

  3. M**m

    My puppy loves it and it does last a long time through rough play! We’d buy it again!!

  4. P****e

    My puppy loves this toy!! I stick kibble way into the groves, and she has a blast trying to get them out. It’s heavy but doesn’t hurt her. Would recommend!!

  5. H***l

    My dog has not destroyed this ball after playing with it for 3 months! Light enough to play fetch in the house and her breath has significantly improved. Excellent product

  6. A***a

    Highly recommend this toy for dogs who want to chase a ball and destroy it. It’s undestroyable! Keeps my dog entertained, she can chew on it, and her teeth are looking good. Recommended

  7. L**a

    My dogs are absolutely in love with these. They can keep my dogs busy for sooo long. Will order more of these

  8. D***n

    We bought these balls to use as a toothbrush for the dogs. Put dog toothpaste in the cracks and they basically brush there own teeth. Very practical

  9. K****n

    Keeps our pup’s attention for an hour! It keeps him occupied and away from my slippers 😂 Would buy again

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Interactive Dog Chewing Toy Tooth Cleaning Rubber Ball
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