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Share Your Promo Code, Make More Money & Help Dogs & Cats Everywhere

When you become a The Naked Dog Ambassador you will…

Join an awesome team that cares about animals and the planet

Help dogs and cats get the all-natural food they deserve

Make. More. Money…Easily

Need More Information? Read below…

The Naked Dog (a.k.a. TND) is currently looking for smart, friendly, and ambitious ambassadors who are also into things like; loving pets, general eco-friendliness, and–most importantly–easy money ($$$).

All you have to do is be yourself, hand out small cards with your own personal promo code on them, and/or share your promo code via social media.

Sound easy? You’re right… it 100% is.

What Does An Ambassador Do Exactly?

The TND marketing team will give you everything you need to become a strong community ambassador and spread the word on The Naked Dog’s simplified shopping experience for the eco-friendly, health-conscious pet parent.

So who can you give your promo code to?

Some quick examples:

  1. Your friends
  2. Your mom
  3. All of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and any other social media)
  4. Every single person at a dog park
  5. You can also team up with local rescues, dog-friendly restaurants, and doggie daycares to make some serious cash

Here are the things we can’t provide for you (#sorrynotsorry):

  1. Set job hours
  2. A boss
  3. Limits on how many promo codes you can pass out / money you can make

How Much Money Can You Earn?

  • You earn $40 every time your promo code is redeemed by a new customer*
  • If you refer a friend and they become an ambassador, you will earn $20 the FIRST time your friend’s promo code is redeemed by a new customer* and then $10 each time thereafter
  • You will receive a BONUS $20 for every 5 promo codes redeemed within one week by a new customer, whether it’s your personal promo code or the promo code of an ambassador you referred
  • After 25 total redemptions, you will receive a sweet The Naked Dog Ambassador t-shirt

P.S. You’ll get paid every week (yup… every. single. week.)

How To Get Started Right Now

Just click the big button below and fill out our simple application.

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